Monument of
Possible Fall

2019, exhibition project

In this exhibition project I continue working with the recurring theme - the Catholic Church, where I doubt its dogmas, power, stability and importance. Monument of possible fall is a sequel to the No beginning no end(2017) exhibition in which the symbol of fall is applied to the inability of the Church to adapt to the needs of present-day Christians. The minimalist profile of the classical column is the central monument positioned in the synagogue. There is, however, something pointing to the fact that the column is off-axis. From the perspective of the 12 chairs, the column is perfect; only a few realise that the front of the synagogue lacks one of the four original columns. Four columns, four chair legs, twelve chairs (twelve Apostles), size 12 sneak-ers, Nike air, candles, bright blue sky – almost ideal weather for going to the beach or having a barbecue. Relaxing, easy and safe atmosphere flows through the installation (if looked at from the “correct” position). The exhibition project is based on the criticism of the Church; however, it can also be perceived in a more general context - fall of democracy, fall of the ecosystem, fall caused by the coronavirus.