Prayer for a Better Future

2023, exhibition project

The recent events in Slovakia, the double murder in Zámocká forced me to sober up and perceive the real reality around us, outside of bubble. Slovakia is a strongly Catholic country, where homophobia prevails among the citizens, large part of politicians and church officials perceive LGBTI+ people as inferior, sick, and degraded. This retoric has taken root in workplace, social networks, streets, churches, and families. The result was the death of Matúš and Juraj.

The selected works (in dialogue with works by Miloš Alexander Bazovský and Ladislav Mednyánszky), represent a cross-section of my 14 years of work. I created them and released them into the world with the hope that they will contribute to social change and thus improve the situation and status of LGBTI+ people. But nothing has changed, the identities, demands, desires of queer people are constantly overlooked in Slovakia, and their souls and bodies remain stigmatized. The hoped-for better future is still waiting.

Kristián Németh

The solo exhibition of the visual artist Kristián Németh Oratio pro futuris melioribus / Prayer for a better future naturally follows the intermedial tendencies in his work that freely move from direct institutional criticism to the symbolic level and general themes. In his works, the artist communicates topics related to physicality, intimate and traumatic content, sexual minorities, and power relations in the context of the Catholic Church. His objects, installations, videos and performances combine a minimalist approach and formal reduction with an emphasis on dramaturgy and scenographic tone of exhibition environments.

Oratio pro futuris melioribus / Prayer for a better future is a hybrid exhibition project that places a selection of Németh’s emblematic works in a functional dialogue with the oeuvre of Miloš Alexander Bazovský (1899 – 1968) and Ladislav Mednyánszky (1852 – 1919) from the collections of the Liptov Gallery of Peter Michal Bohúň. Németh’s experiment and selective research connect the past with the present, while purposefully reacting to the current political and social situation accelerated by the terrorist attack on Matúš Horváth and Juraj Vankulič outside Bratislava ́s Tepláreň bar.

Michal Stolárik