No Beginning No End

2017, exhibition project

The exhibition project reflects what happened in 2002 when a two-meter-high renaissance stat-ue of Adam created at the end of 15th century by an Italian sculptor Tullio Lombardo collapsed in the NY MET Museum. The materialised ideal of beauty and perfection of the man created by the God collapsed. It took twelve years for the team of experts and conservators to put the stat-ue together. The symbolic potential of the fall, the fragmented and reconstructed structure are used and further developed in the exhibition project titled No beginning no end. I am interested in the fall of the symbols that “fall under their own weight” and the bases of which – supposedly to hold the symbols in one piece - break. At the end I ask the following: Are we witnessing a similar fall? Is the present-day Church with no reforms adopted able to keep Christianity and people’s faith alive?