Artist Statement

In my work, I repeatedly focus mainly on a reflection and critique of the Christian Church thatfunctions in the conditions of 21st century democracy; on its inner mechanisms and paradoxes,its secretiveness, unconfessed sins of the ones that are officially representing it and a state ofinjustice of the ones that are affected by these actions.

Through the reflections of my own experiences with the criticized institution, I head towards their ideological abstraction and generalization. By the use of various media (photography, video, ob-ject, installation, performance), I thematise a flexion/deformation of the Christian/Church (or, mor generally, democratic) principles in a free society and its impact on various “objects” (bodies,individual and collective thinking, actions, relationships, institutional praxes, etc.) that are affectedby this action.

My aim is to formally, expressively and ideologically reflect the complexity of the main theme by the use of concise, space saving and subtle representations, while avoiding an ideological sim-plification. The resulting disturbing statements are relieved of escalated expressivity, while form-ing a space for dialogue without anger and desire to humiliate the opponent; the dialogue that is based on a sensitive but critical perception of the reflected phenomena.