The Missing Column

2021, exhibition project

At the imaginary level, non-existence is powerful. Nothingness that evokes fall and triggers anxiety allows us to feel the experience of being. A column is missing in the left pillar of the portal in the interior of the new apsicial synagogue built in Šamorín in 1912. There’s nothing in its place. The main architectural element is absent. Absence is felt at the current moment. It can result in feelings of despair, hope, tragic horror, nostalgic regret, insecurity, mystery, facilitation. A definitive absence can be accompanied by hopes, fears, waiting, whose vanity will be revealed in time. The installation consists of a red carpeted base and a ceramic casting of the found head. Although it authentically copies its original, it is 14% smaller than the original, which results from the technological processesof firing porcelain objects.