Warm Greetings

2021, exhibition project

Wax objects – bent by heat and force – form the central motif that is nestled in the core of the exhibition environment. In past projects, the author’s technique of deformed candles, excluded from the context of the first holy communion, represented vulnerability and unconscious adaptation of individuals to the canons of church power. In the current formal update, I multiply their numbers, creating accumulated organic units acting as homogeneous masses that reveal their unique heterogeneous character from a close glance. With a tangle of destroyed candles, I illustrate the influences of superior power, unaffected external stimuli, social norms, pressures and expectations affecting the individual or collective in the contemporary world. In the form of an invisible physical gesture and an imaginary “warm greeting”, I create symbolic relics, the process of creation of which I comment through stylized images communicating the poetics of a simple gesture on the boundary between creativity and destruction. Used fabric with stigmatically burned-out places and specially designed abstract wooden pedepressers that illustrate the stylized footprint of melted candles, outline the visually invisible but apparently present elements of heat and fire that are an important idea background of the whole project.